Tusványos to be held again after two years, Orbán to attend

Tusványos, one of the largest Hungarian festivals in the Carpathian Basin in Szeklerland

On this weekend: Székely Festival returns to Budapest after two-year hiatus

The Székely Festival dedicated to Szekler gastronomy, handcrafts and music will return to Budapest

Why do hundreds of thousands of Hungarians go to Csíksomlyó on Pentecost?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in Csíksomlyó (Şumuleu Ciuc) in Transylvania. But what is the reason for that? #hungary #romania #transylvania #csíksomlyó #pilgrimage #búcsú

Day of National Cohesion: Several programmes will be organised in Hungary and beyond the borders

The motto of this year's Csiksomlyó pilgrimage is "Pax et Bonum"

Prince Charles is in this Szekler village in Transylvania – PHOTOS

This Hungarian village in Transylvania had an unexpected guest today! From a joyful meal in his new barn to an outing on the nearby meadows, follow our article to find out what Prince Charles is up to! #PrinceCharles #Romania #Hungary #visit #Royalty #BritishRoyalty #culture

President: ties between motherland, Hungarians outside of borders ‘inseverable’

President Katalin Novák said the ties between the motherland and Hungarians living outside of the country's borders are "inseverable" #Hungary #Hungarian #Transylvania #Romania #president #dailynewshungary #Hungariansabroad