Hungary has many famous religious buildings built centuries ago, and fortunately, many remained so that people can admire these magnificent structures. Budapest has many iconic religious buildings including Matthias Church in the Castle District and St. Stephen’s Basilica, but the most beautiful one, according to citizens, is on Rózsák Square.

If you walk between Rákóczi Road and the Dohány Street you cannot miss the 119 years old church on Rózsák Square surrounded by beautiful a garden. The first plans of the church were made in 1889 after Pest, Buda and Óbuda, the three major parts of the capital were united, and the highest number of constructions started to shape the city in its history. 

Church, Rózsák Square
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by 12akd

In 1901, St. Elisabeth Church on the square was opened in front of the public.

Rózsák Square, Budapest, Hungary, interioir
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Thaler Tamás

In connection with the square’s name (rózsák means roses), the church features many rose motives in its structure. The church has the features of many foreign religious buildings as inspiration built in a neo-Gothic style with the most modern technique in that time. It is an interesting fact that the building was constructed at the same time as the Parliament, and no wonder the two buildings have common elements: it was the same architect who dreamt both buildings, Imre Steindl, one of the greatest Hungarian architects. The church was almost destroyed during World War II and was abandoned until the 1980s when it was ruined so much that renovation was inevitable.

Rózsák Square Church, Budapest
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Thaler Tamás

The 21 meter-long and 75-meter tall building (with its towers) provides a magnificent experience for everyone visiting it in Budapest.

Rózsák Square, Budapest, Church
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Puffancs

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by B Jonas

matthias church
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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  1. Something most people do not know is that the gothic style if architecture is actually islamic in origin. It always makes me laugh when it is said that gothic (or gothic revival) is the pinnacle of the expression of christian faith when in fact it is ‘borrowed’ style from islamic temples.

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