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Nothing beats a perfectly charred pizza, and it’s one of the old’ reliable dishes that people seek out when arriving in a new city.

With the summer holidays ahead and people travelling across the continent, Big 7 Travel decided to round up the best of the best when it comes to pizzas in Europe. Think of it as a delicious DIY InterRail tour, but with heaps of mozzarella and chewy crusts. Oh, and views of big pizza pies.

The judging criteria:

  • Finalists were selected from the countries of the European Union
  • Every country has at least one entry; some have more than one entry if of high quality
  • Votes were cast in poll of Big 7 readers, across our 1.5million community on social media and by a panel of food experts
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if Big7Travel have missed out on any must-try pizza places across the EU, please do let them know!

Best Pizza Europe

49th. Digó Nápolyi Pizza- Budapest, Hungary
Proper wood fired pizzas served in a relaxed atmosphere by super friendly staff. Sitting outside in summer on the terrace with one of these pizzas is one of the great pleasures in life.

digó nápolyi pizza budapest hungary best

36th. Kemencés Pizza – Budapest, Hungary
Their pizzas are classic in style and when you add in some of their home cured meats as a topping you are left with something that will literally melt in your mouth. Visit their Facebook page:

kemencés pizza best restaurant Hungary 2019

10th. Del Popolo Pizza – Antwerp, Belgium
9th. Paesano Pizza – Glasgow, Scotland
8th. Gazzo – Berlin, Germany
7th. PI Pizzas – Dublin, Ireland
6th. Louie Louie – Paris, France
5th. Gustapizza – Florence, Italy
4th. Animaletto Pizza Bar – Bucharest, Romania

3rd. Rudy’s Pizza – Manchester, England
Many regard Rudy’s Pizza as the best pizza in England: talk to serious pizza connoisseurs and they’ll tell you it’s as good as anything you’ll ever taste. They’ve moved onto their second premises in Manchester on Peter Street and also expanded to Liverpool. None of the quality is lost as they grow, which is a real testimony to their excellence.

2. Bæst – København, Denmark
You know it’s the real deal here because they have their own farm that has a focus on organic meats & high quality produce as well as their own salumeria and micro-dairy – instead of importing mozzarella, they make it themselves with the best raw milk. This place is taking pizzas to whole new levels.

1st. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Naples, Italy
Talk to anybody who has been here or read the reviews and you’ll see plenty of people calling it the best pizza they’ve eaten in their lives. The queues are always long, but the atmosphere among fellow customers waiting is buzzing, because everybody knows this is close to a religious experience. If you thought you were happy waiting you should see how happy you are leaving.

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