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The African-Hungarian Union was recently rewarded for being authentic and trustworthy. It was the first time that a civil organization got the Award for giving authentic information (Hiteles tájékoztatásért díj), and it was taken by Sándor Balogh, president of AHU at the Spokespeople’s ball, reports.

The African-Hungarian Union is a non-governmental organization or NGO, and was founded almost 10 years ago to help the African countries, and to help Hungarians realize that, despite the cultural and geographical differences, everything that happens in Africa affects Hungary and the Hungarian people as well.

The Union helps making Africa related initiatives and events more popular in Hungary, including cultural-informative projects, expeditions, exhibitions, the Africa Day event series, and many more.

Not only did the organization receive an award for being authentic, but the leader of their video team, András Novák was given the Spokespeople’s Media Award (Szóvívők Média Díja) at the ball.

Novák has started learning journalism at the Komlósi Education Studio (Komlósi Oktatási Stúdió), and he’s among the few Hungarians who were interns at CNN. Novák has been to almost 100 countries in the past 19 years, won numerous awards, and he’s currently editor in chief at GloboTV, a foreign correspondent of ATV, and leader of the African-Hungarian Union’s video team.

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