Balaton Hungary Lake

BAHART will provide free WiFi for its passengers and for those passer byers who are nearby, as the company has equipped its ships with wireless internet. The 170th shipping season will begin on 26 March with the inauguration of the new catamaran in Siófok, writes.

BAHART (Balaton Shipping Co.) will take part in several programmes, and besides the regularly scheduled lines they will provide other routes, too, so after the season ends, several cities will still be accessible by ship.

The company’s aim is to connect the Balaton cities and their programmes, and to provide an easier and more accessible system. Five ports already have working MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) and Volán (Hungarian state owned transport company) passenger informing boards, so passengers are notified about the ships’ schedule right when they get off the train or the bus.

Besides the regularly scheduled lines, BAHART has also launched its programme for kids named “Magic Ship,” and the Minimax Kid Ship operates in three locations. On Sunday evenings BAHART offers lines from Siófok with a surprise programme. There are also many locations which offer wine tastings. Also, every ship and public port will have free WiFi from this summer on.

Balaton shipping is going to be slightly more expensive this year, as BAHART hasen’t raised the prices in three years, but the km based system will be replaced by zones adjusted to the specific routes.

The fee of the ferries between the North and South shore of Balaton hasn’t changed and the ships run regularly. If you have any questions regarding the schedule, fees, or programmes, you should visit the company’s official website.

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