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The National Pálinka and Törkölypálinka Competition joined over 50 distilliries this year. 63 gold, 114 silver, and 99 bronze medals were assigned to the best Hungarian pálinka producers.

However, there could be only one winner to receive an honorable award – „Best Pálinka of 2014”. Professinal judges established that blackcurrent pálinka of Szicsek Pálinkafőzde Kft was a true perfection in every drop and named it the absolute winner.

This year contestants provided over 335 samples of their premium quality pálinka. Distilleries were competing in the 8 main categories: pome fruits, drupe, berry, grape, grape pomace, wild fruits, double –distilled, and “bedded” (Ágyas) pálinka.

Unique blends of the Hungarian pálinka have definitely become a part of the national heritage; The National Council of Pálinka is on a mission to bring world recognition to this quintessential Hungarian liquor. For this particular reason, several journalists received honorable awards for bringing attention to this finest Hungarian speciality and celebrate the glorious sense of “Magyarness”.

based on article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
translated by Ekaterina Egorova

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