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The migrants coming to Hungary are cynical and arrogant, because it has been not a refugee situation for a long time, but an invasion, Laszlo Kiss-Rigo said in an interview. According to the Bishop of Szeged-Csanad, Viktor Orban is right, and Pope Francis is not aware of the situation in Hungary, origo.hu said.

Laszlo Kiss-Rigo does not agree with Pope Francis’s statement – according to which the Catholics has a moral duty to help the refugees –, he explained his views in The Washington Post, which was reviewed by mandiner.hu

Kiss-Rigo agrees with Orban

“They are not refugees. This is an invasion” – the bishop said to the newspaper, who says these people are coming here while screaming “Allah Akbar”. The Washington Post notes: unlike other parts of Europe, in contrast with Pope Francis’ call, the view of Viktor Orban gained ground in Hungary, which fears for the Christian Europe from the influx of Muslims.

“I totally agree with the Prime Minister” – Kiss-Rigo said to the newspaper, adding that the pope does not know the situation. According to Kiss-Rigo, the situation is that Europe is flooded by people pretending themselves refugees, but in fact they pose a serious threat to the continent’s universal Christian values, origo.hu said.

Cynical and arrogant

And although most people coming to Hungary are from Syria, where more than 320 thousand people died in the civil war, Kiss-Rigo says it is unworthy to support them, since most of them have money. He added: they leave garbage behind them, and they often reject food as well. “Most of them are cynical and arrogant” – he said.

The Catholic university says otherwise

Szabolcs Szuromi, rector of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University called the institution’s deans and student self-governments in circulars to do their utmost to organize and support the goodwill work aiming the catering of the refugees. Meanwhile, the Czech Catholic Church said they are ready to accommodate refugees. Pope Francis told on Sunday that all Catholic parishes should adopt a refugee family.

based on the article of origo.hu
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  1. While I agree with this bishop that Pope is an ignorant man (remember Pope Francis’s stupid statement of the “Armenian genocide” being the “first genocide of the 20th century”, essentially forgettin Herrero and Namaqwa genocides?), Laszlo Kiss-Rigo himself is wrong. Even if it is an “invasion” and not refugee exodus, this man must remember that many centuries ago the Hungarian tribes led by Arpad also kind of “invaded” Pannonia. They might not scream “Allahu Akbar” when they arrived, but were they of the same religion as the Slavs who used to inhabit Pannonia? Where the Europeans of the same religion as native Americans, Australian aboriginals, Asians and Africans when the white men came to conquer the colonies?
    So, look at yourselves before judging the others.

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