The most break-ins are in the 2nd district and the safest big city is Sopron. The safeness has been increased in the last couple of years but this could be the result of a hush up.

The Otthontérké, the page which deals with real estate agency, has published an interactive map which shows the real estates’ price and compares them with the crimes, especially the crimes regarding possessions. According to the data, the crimes has been decreased; although, this result could be because the ’other crimes’ has been decreased. This, according to, has been the result of the hush ups. In comparison with this: in a lot of city the break-ins has been increased and also, the car thefts. Break-ins have been doubled in Budapest since 2013.

There are more break-ins in Buda

According to, the map has shown that the criminals brake-in where they expect more money: from the districts in Budapest, the highest rate was in the 2nd district in 2014 where 539 break-ins had been reported. Apart from the 2nd district, there were a lot of break-ins in the rest of Buda’s wealther districts, such as the 1st and the 12nd district. In the 1st district there was 147 break-ins and in the 12nd 260. On the average, from 1000 Hungarians 6 had been a victim of a break-in in 2014. The ratio has been high in Soroksár and also in the 5th district. At the outside districts of Budapest, the break-ins are way less than in Buda.

These are rated as medium or moderate break-ins. The safest district is a downtown district: in the 7th district from 1000 residents there is only 2 break-ins.

Do not park here

If we take all of the crimes, the result is different: according to this, the downtown, the centre of Pest is the most dangerous. The most crime against individuals have been committed in the 5th district, here, from 100 persons 1 is involved. This is higher than in the 8th district where the ratio is 0,7.
The 5th district is the most dangerous which is followed by the 6th, the 1st and the 8th district. The 1st district is worse in car thefts where 8 cars have been stolen from 1000 occasions. The ’other crimes’ (for example, the crimes connected to drugs) are the highest in the Margaret Island and the Hajógyári Island.

Siófok is the most dangerous

From the examined other cities, Siófok is the worst in public security, and it was the same in 2013. In this city more than 1100 crimes has been registered, this means that from 1000 residents more than 47 crimes have been declared. It is true that this is still less than 2 years ago. In that year, 194 crimes have been registered. Due to the summer and the increasing of residents, this statistics are worse. This is the same reason that the downtown districts in Budapest are the worst regarding in crimes.

From the other big cities, in Szolnok from 1000 residents 38 crimes have happened while the safest big city is Sopron where only 17 crimes have happened from 1000 residents. Crimes which are involved with possessions, Budapest is the worst: in the capital there are the most car thefts than all of the other cities altogether.  Budapest’s break-ins are precede by three close city: Érd, Budaörs and Szigetszentmiklós.

What is happening in Vác?

The crimes against individuals are high in more cities around the country; like in Budapest, the ratio is the same in Nyíregyháza and Miskolc, but the most high was Vác in 2014. This is interesting because Vác was a calm city two years ago where only 47 crimes against individuals were registered, however, in 2014 the number was 145.

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translated by Andrea Tóth


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