After the murder of Marian Cozma who was killed six years ago in Veszprém, in the Cozma case, the Metropolitan Tribunal had decided to sentence 16 million forints compensation to the family.

According to, Marian Cozma who was a member of the MKB hand ball national team of romas in Veszprém was murdered on 8th February in front of a locale in Veszprém. The criminal case was ended in Kúria in 2012: five people were sentenced, among two of them were sentenced for 18 years each.

The civil court held its session on Wednesday where it was decided about the non-criminals involved in the case: since the criminals have been sentenced before. The court decided that there should be a compensation in the case and they decided about the exact amount of it.

They decided to give 210 million forints to the family.

In another case, the court has previously ordered 210 million forints compensation, the recent trial is about non-property compensation.

The difference between the two is that in property compensation the expenses can be almost exactly calculated based on the deceased sportsman’s income. While in the non-property compensation it is a harder job and the family’s decreased health should be taken into consideration.

The loss of a member of the family is cannot be a proof

The last one was not provable to the experts because the parents’ health status did not allow them to travel to Budapest. The court’s verdict states that the complainant’s representative was unable to back up the statement of the non-property compensation; however, the verdict is valid since the loss of a member of the family is cannot be a proof.

The court has judged the parents 5 million each and the two sisters got 3-3 million forints. If they decide to appeal to a higher tribunal than the case will continue. The complainants have asked exactly for the amount the court has decided, therefore, they will not appeal to a higher tribunal but the defendants have not made a statement about the issue and whether they want to give remedy within 15 days.

The family has not been given the money

The Cozma family has not been given the money as it was stated; although, the compensation can be paid by the defendants, the executive procedure is still in process.

Helmeczy László lawyer, the representative of the Cozma family has said that the murder has caused incalculable damage both in property and in non-property ,since the family of Marian Cozma has lost their sons.
The family’s life has been ruined.

In a previous trial they listened to Marian Cozma’s father, Petre Cozma, who was withholding his tears while he said that he was proud that his son played in Veszprém and he knows that Hungary is also proud of him. He added that the family’s life has been ruined and they have taken the whole incident with a horrible pain. He recalled his son’s vow that in the field one can only play with fair tools.

The judge has paid attention to the fact that in this trial they can only examined whether the complainants were involved on the ‘cause-casual chain’ which led to the sportsman death. The judge’s opinion is that they were all involved in the incident which started at the locale and ended up with Marian Cozma’s death at the street, therefore, they were all part of the damage so they have to take responsibility in the compensation too. The judge said that with the compensation they cannot take the pain of the family but they are trying to make it easier for them.

In 2012, the criminal case in Kúria sentenced Raffael Sándor and Németh Győző to 18 years each. In Sztojka Iván, the statement has evolved to 13 from 8 years.

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