The beneficial effects of red wine have long been known, but now, there is a more concrete evidence than ever. says, referring to the research on that the cause of the whole is resveratrol, which can also be found in grape skins, says.

Although it was studied in the USA for nearly a decade, it has failed to demonstrate the benefits. Now, Canadian scientists have succeeded: they have detected more positive physiological effects after they sent to the body a quantity which can be found in a glass of red wine.

Among the effects, there are the increase of muscle strength and physical performance and an increase in heart rate. The results of the research included the fact that the above are on the level which can be observed after a one-hour gym workout as well.

But before the lazy alcohol lovers would be too self-confident, drinking cannot replace physical exercise permanently. However, if someone exercises regularly, but one opportunity has to be skipped, it is an ideal alternative to drink a glass of red wine.

For those whose physical condition does not allow the workout, this is also good news. Moreover, cocoa, peanut, grape and chocolate are also recommended, because they contain resveratrol too.

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