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Hungarian news portal Frissmédia reports that the Hungarian team placed tenth on the second day of the European Junior Synchronised Championship in Finland. Read on to find out the details.

The European Junior Synchronised Championship is taking place in Tampere, where on Wednesday fifteen teams competed against one another, including the cream of the Hungarian synchronised swimmers.

As Frissmédia writes, the warmup did not go well for the Hungarian team, but they could make up for the losses suffered there during the competition.

The Hungarian juniors landed on the tenth place.

Scoring is quite important in synchronised swimming, and since the Hungarian team did not manage to score on Wednesday, the team is faced with serious expectations for the upcoming World Championship that Budapest is going to host in three weeks’ time. The tenth place is good in itself according to professionals, but the Hungarian team has an excellent chance to place higher in Budapest.

The Hungarian team is comprised of Anna Apáthy – Janka Dávid, Boglárka Gács – Mira Gerstenkorn, Szabina Hungler – Dóra Kassai, Anna Szabó – Veronka Szabó.

Russia placed first on Wednesday (score: 91.4601), Ukraine second (88.7496), Spain third (85.4542). Hungary placed tenth with a score of 74.5632, preceded by Britain (76.5742).



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