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If the minimum wage goes up by a fifth, related benefits such as sick pay or and maternity benefits would also increase, a ministry of innovation and technology official has said, adding that the salaries of higher earners would also grow further.
Referring to the National Consultation public survey, Tamás Schanda, the ministry’s parliamentary state secretary, said on Facebook on Sunday that the argument could be made that raising
the minimum wage to 200,000 forints (EUR 563) would strengthen Hungary’s economy.
An opposing argument is that the burdens on small and medium-sized firms, which employ two-thirds of workers, would become too onerous, he added.

He appealed to the public to help decision-makers make an informed decision on the matter by submitting their completed forms by Aug. 25.
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Source: MTI

  1. Isn’t it humorous how none of the moronic critical commentators have anything to say when Hungary does something to help its people.

    The silence is deafening…….

  2. That’s because the minimum wage should have been raised already. The cost of living has already gone up, so why not wages. Nothing more than an election campaign …..

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