HVG.hu reports that, for the second time, Hungarians managed to win the Rallye Rejviz competition held in the Czech Republic, May 25-29.

This year’s was the 20th Rallye Rejviz International Professional Exercise and Competition for Emergency Medical Services Crews, in Jesenik, Czech Republic. Aside the Hungarians medicals from the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey competed.

As it can be read on the official website of the event, the Hungarian Air Ambulance team won the category of “International competition – Physician Crews (INT-PHYS)”. The members of the team were Ákos Jászkuti, Ádám Bujdosó, János Elmer and Tamás Hirschinger.

In that category the competitors had to fulfill 10 complex tasks, and the Hungarians received the best results. Moreover, in another category (Paramedic Crews) the Budaörs ambulance station of the Hungarian Air Ambulance Non-profit Ltd. became ranked 5th.

Photo: facebook.com/Legimentok

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Source: hvg.hu, rallye-rejviz.com

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