Hungary is one of the world’s leaders in making the COVID-19 passport, said Bállint Szabó, deputy director-general of the National Hospital Directorate-General, to Magyar Nemzet, a Hungarian daily, on Wednesday. The government bodies responsible for the project will create a mobile app system allowing all Hungarian citizens to prove that they already got the vaccine.

The demand for such systems is rising because they allow people to feel safer while travelling. Furthermore, the need is present because people would like to use services where there are huge crowds, so the danger of getting infected is considerable. For example, people would like to go to cinemas, concerts, travel by plane, and visit their hairdresser, Bálint Szabó added to Magyar Nemzet.

Therefore, they created a mobile app system with which citizens can prove with their smartphone that they got the vaccine. It will consist of two apps. One of them is the so-called COVID-19 passport, while the other one will be a monitoring app. The application

will know only the data that are already in the National eHealth Infrastructure. 

Of course, it will not show other medical records of the people to the authorities. Thanks to the new system, several opportunities will open again for all those who already caught the disease or who got vaccinated.

Based on what Mr Szabó said, Hungary is ahead of several other countries in this project. Furthermore, the country’s IT system is unique as well because

a lot of important personal medical information is already uploaded to it.

Mr Szabó highlighted that most people would like to return to the lives they got used to before the outbreak of the epidemic. However, until global herd immunity is reached, such measures are inevitable. He said that the app is ready, and it only needs to be checked by the authorities to make it available for all Hungarian citizens.

But how will it work?

First, it will identify the citizen with the help of their social security number. If that is approved, it will make the necessary COVID-19 certificate by checking the citizens’ COVID-19 tests, vaccination history, and other relevant medical records. The results will appear as a QR-code containing a time code and an electronic signature. People will be able to use this so-called COVID-19 passport not only in Hungary but also abroad.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

  1. Abusive, ridiculous, and in violation of our basic rights! What will people who are against be prohibited of doing??? Everything?!?! Renegades of society???? How are people feeling safer with this???? Will tourists also be prohibited of entering the country if they don’t present this??? The new world order is destroying society and the fools and blind are applauding it!!!!

  2. When you see people dying every day from this disease in hospitals, the measures put in place to help a return to life as we know it are fair. It should not be a forever thing. As long as the app is secure and for one purpose, bring it on.

  3. What about us foreigners who live and work in Hungary where we do not have 1.) a Hungarian passport, 2.) social security number, 3.) are not members of the Hungarian health care system [we are covered by a private outside of Hungary healthcare system]. How can we take advantage of this COVID-19 Passport?

  4. A sign of the dystopian future to come.

    Our body, our choice? No such thing here. For those saying the vaccines protects them from contracting the virus, you are free to take it. However, be aware that there is NO evidence that the vaccine prevents the spread of the virus. Therefore, me taking it should be none of your business, nor should it contribute to your semblance of safety.

    What about those who already contracted the virus and have antibodies? Apparently that doesn’t matter to anyone.

    This is about nothing else than setting the stage for controlled and monitored society where we are dependent on and subservient to the state.

  5. So, for us foreigners that refuse to be vaccinated what will the Hungarian Government do? Will they deport us back to our home country by air or sea? oh wait, reports say that those without a vaccine passport will be denied travel. Other E.U nations will probably refuse us travel thru their land borders. Will the government refuse to renew our Residency Permits and imprison us for being in the country illegally? We are told its NOT mandatory to be vaccinated and yet all these news reports say that without a vaccination passport we will be unable to do anything. So, I guess the E.U and Hungarian “Fundamental Rights is not worth the paper its printed on?

  6. How about those who has the Covid-19 antibodies? Do they still need to be vaccinated?

  7. If this breed of communism minded bureaucrats are allowed to reign an tamper on individual liberties at will, then what’s the point of fighting against UN and EU dictatorships?

  8. John Woods – not sending you a Christmas card
    Bállint Szabó – voting you out National Hospital Directorate-General – never going there
    Magyar Nemzet – never will read another article from it
    The government bodies responsible for the project – will find out who and start calling and writing and exposing your evil work mobile app system – we need a rival app that will imitate it, 100% pass rate
    cinemas, concerts, travel by plane, and visit their hairdresser – I will boycott any establishment that requires this. I see an opportunity for competitors
    The demand for such systems is rising because they allow people to feel safer while travelling – no, people will feel safer without all the Covid panic porn in the media
    The direction Hungary is taking is all wrong.

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