For the first time in 77 years, the Hungarian men’s national ice hockey team secured an International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship win after they beat Belarus 5-2, writes

This win also gave back hope, as the team may still have a chance to stay in the championship. This hope was lost after the team couldn’t beat France.

The Hungarian team had their hopes up after the first period, took the lead in group A, and it was the first time they scored with fewer players.  Due to the many penalties, Hungary had to play with fewer players four times during the match. It was during one of these occasions that Belarus scored, and the state of the game was 2-1.

In the sixth minute Kóger had the rubber, and Gergő Nagy scored in the left upper corner. Five minutes later, during Szirányi’s penalty, the team couldn’t halt a Belarus player, and Vas took a score. Later Galló received a penalty, and when the Canadian Geoff Platt was all alone it wasn’t hard for him to score.

In the first period the Hungarian team had the lead for 2-1, and after another penalty, in the second and worst period, the team gained another two scores. Sebők had an amazing breakaway and scored, and Vilmos Galló, who have been extremely hard-working during the whole championship, also managed to score.

At the end of the second period the two members of the Belarus team got penalties which lasted in the third period as well.

Security was the most important aspect for the Hungarian team while the Belarus kept rushing. There was an almost 5 minutes long uninterrupted gameplay in the second half of the third period, and it was not until the 8th minutes that the enemy team even had the chance to strike, but goalie Rajna had everything secured.

The last five minutes was really intense, and the Hungarian team had a couple of dangerous situations and fewer players for the last 112 seconds. The team was wonderful, and János Vas even scored in the last three seconds.

The Hungarian team beat Belarus, which took fourth place at the 2006 Olympic Games.  In the history of World Championships, it was officially the first time that the Hungarian national anthem was played. Miklós Rajna was chosen on the spot as the best Hungarian player.

This was a historical win, but it does not automatically mean that the team will stay in the game. There are two ways for group A: one is to beat the Germans on Monday; then the team will stay, regardless of the other results. If the team doesn’t score three points, then Belarus have to get fewer points against France on Tuesday than what we currently have.

It’s not only the Hungarin hockey team which had a marvellous performance, but the Hungarian fans’ constant support is also something that we can be proud of. Read more about them here.

Watch all the Hungarian goals here:

Video: Youtube/IIHF Worlds 2016

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