Emma Riana Balla is only nine years old, but she has already won more than twenty awards in different categories as a singer. Last July, British actor Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast, Dracula Untold, The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies) asked her to take a photo with him.

According to Index, she already sang operettas at the age of three and has played in several Netflix productions, including The Alienist. She has already won a lot of awards and is thinking about making a swing album. 

Hungary celebrity New York USA

She is a very ambitious Hungarian girl who was thinking about taking part even in world music contests.

She fell in love with operettas when she was only 3,

and she still adores that world, its songs. Her parents do not force her to do anything but support her to fulfil her dreams.

Ms Balla and her voice received mixed reviews from critics because the genre is a very unusual choice concerning kids. However, here is a video about one of her performances, so you can decide for yourself. We think that what she does is fascinating.

In the end, they decided to take part in the Golden Classical Music Awards to see what the American jury thought about Ms Balla’s skills and talent. There, she got first place in the junior classical solo singer category. That means that she can take part in a debut concert in Carnegie Hall, New York.

The date of the event is planned to be in the summer of 2021.

Sadly, the virus can overwrite that.

“When we got the email, my mother sat near the computer. I became so happy that I screamed, and I called everybody in the family. I hope that after the concert in Carnegie Hall, some doors will open for me in the USA. I am a bit worried, but if I want to be honest, not because of the concert, but since I have never travelled by plane, so I am a bit scared what to expect from the journey,” she told Index.

Later, she received another email since she took part in the

Super Final Cup Fiestalonia 2020, a Spanish contest, where Ms Balla also won, so she got into the finals.



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