The Hungaricum Act, which was unanimously adopted by Parliament over a year ago, is a unique piece of legislation that guarantees the protection of the greatest achievements and treasures of the Hungarian people, the Minister for Rural Development stressed on Saturday in Csepel, Budapest.

Sándor Fazekas was speaking in the capital’s 21st district at the opening ceremony of a family event entitled Hungaricum Days in Csepel, adding that the preservation of the material, intellectual and natural treasures of the Hungarian people is important so that they may be passed on to future generations.

The Hungaricums are the greatest creations of the Hungarian people, including marc brandy, Csaba sausage, Karcag mutton stew, Herend porcelain, Tokaj Aszú wine, products made from goose liver, the dance house method, the traditional “Busójárás” of Mohács and the Hortobágy National Park.

Fidesz-KDNP Member of Parliament and Mayor of Csepel Szilárd Németh emphasised that Budapest’s 21st district is already a traditional meeting place of people from the city and from rural Hungary. The current event is also aimed at increasing awareness of the treasures of the Hungarian peoples.

Mayor Németh explained that the City Council had decided on the setting up of a value repository committee in Csepel to enable the preservation of local values such as the “Csepel Snow White Highflier” pigeon species, which local pigeon fanciers are very proud of.

Head of Department from the Ministry of Rural Development and Secretary of the Hungaricum Committee Zoltán Gyaraky told Hungarian news agency MTI that 500 million forints had been made available this year to fund the preservation of local, county and national treasures that are of importance to the Hungarian people, including Hungaricums,. Only unique, high quality national products that represent the greatest creations of the Hungarian people may be chosen as Hungaricums.

In reply to a question from MTI, Sándor Fazekas said that the Ministry of Rural Development favoured decreasing VAT on pork and poultry meat and the products manufactured from them, adding that his ministry would be holding further discussions with relevant other ministries on the issue. He expressed his hope that a decision on decreasing VAT on certain foods would be made this year.

The proposal for the amendment of the Tax Act put before Parliament on Friday does not include provisions related to decreasing value added tax.

Several young schoolchildren were awarded prizes at the event for the drawings they had created for a national Hungaricum picture competition.


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