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They asked for the revision of their case and their immediate rights protection. The 13 Iranian university students were expelled from Hungary because of the violation of the new regulations implemented to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

We reported this Monday that Hungarian authorities expelled 13 Iranian students from the country and the territory of the European Union for violating quarantine rules. The students were quarantined at Budapest’s St László hospital due to coronavirus before, but the interior ministry said that they left their rooms and behaved aggressively with health staff. Two Iranian students were expelled from the country last Friday for similar reasons.

According to Index, authorities wanted to put them on a plane flying to Qatar this Wednesday, but until the Hungarian court decides at least about their application for immediate rights protection, they cannot be expelled from the country. One of the students is represented by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and they said that Hungarian authorities accuse the Iranians of breaking quarantine regulations and not following the instructions of the healthcare personnel. The Committee, on the contrary, says that relevant documents are insufficient and contain many contradictions. Therefore, it is not clear what happened exactly and who has to bear the responsibility for it.

One of the Iranians, a young woman, asked for the help of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee saying that she followed doctors and nurses’orders and did not take part in any violent action. However, Hungarian authorities wanted to expel her from the country and send her back to Iran through Qatar. And since they cannot come back to Hungary or any of the countries that are a member of the Schengen area for 3 years,

that decision can mean the end of their academic career as well.

Therefore, she asked for the revision of the Hungarian authorities’ decision with the help of the Committee, and the other 12 students did the same. 


  1. Why do these 13 Iranian students believe that they are above the law in Hungary ?

    If they were currently living in Iran – where by the way there are close to 20,000 persons KNOWN to be infected by the Wuhan virus and a death rate of almost 7% – it is most unlikely that chairs would be thrown out of hospital windows or arguments engaged in with hospital staff by them or their friends.

    The authorities there would probably have these individuals thrown into prison for their actions.

    The so-called ‘HUNGARIAN HELSINKI COMMITTEE’ (which is in all probability funded by that gormless nonagenarian George Soros) should NOT get involved in such matters – although their track record obviously suggests otherwise.

    The sooner Hungary is rid of these trouble makers the better !

  2. Iran is waiting, animals should stay home.
    Let’s see if they will attack health care staff in their own wonderful country.

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