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Turizmus.com reported that the largest Virtual Reality (VR) Center was opened at the end of October in Budapest, where those open for some fun can experience what it feels like being in a zombie apocalypse in the desert of Arizona, taking a mountain trip in Colorado or trying any of the exciting shooting games. It’s all possible in the newly-opened multiplayer Virtual Reality Center, the 1st in the country.

The unique Play VR in Budapest allows anyone above the age of 8 to try the various games in a 200 square meters area. Among the games, everyone can find something thrilling. From the simple skill-based games to the intensive action games, there is a lot to choose from and try out.

Virtual reality is a technique with the help of which users have the impression of being in a different world. What is more, it starts to become as popular as escape rooms. By holding the controller in one hand, the virtual objects can be touched  and the controller can even turn into a weapon that shoots like a real gun. The latest VR tools follow the movements of the head and the body, and they feel very natural to wear and hold without causing dizziness.

On 10 November, Play VR has an Open Day when the visitors can try  out the interactive entertainment facilities free of charge. A registration, however, is obligatory, so if you are interested, please check it out on the official page.

Photos and videos: facebook.com; youtube.com

Source: turizmus.com

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