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One of the best-known pubs of Budapest, the Morrison’s Opera, is closing down on 31 March, according to and the Facebook page of the pub. It is still not known why the decision was made, but it seems final since a party-marathon, the last in the history of the place, is going to be organised at the end of March. Therefore, this is going to be the last occasion for partygoers to take part in the nightlife of the bar and let their hair down.

The sudden closing of the Morrison’s, one of the most-visited clubs of Budapest, might be surprising for many people since no previous sign has indicated that such a serious measure was in the air. The pub, located in Révay Street close to the Opera, has been one of the most prominent venues of nightlife in the capital that has been operating since the beginning of the 1990s.

The pub is famous for its retro feeling that comes with its unique atmosphere and the authentic pieces of furniture.

The initial concept was to combine the British Pub culture with new things that eventually made it an attractable place to tourists, international students and the enthusiastic Hungarian audience, too.

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The pub has a karaoke room, 2 bars and a dancefloor which provide a vibrant atmosphere for those longing to kick up their heels and have a great party. This is what partygoers can experience for the last time between 29 and 31 March.

The party-marathon organised under the nameThe Last Weekend will bring you the best-known hits from the 80s until today to ensure that the event marking the end of an important era will be remembered.

On 29 March, The Last Big Students’ Night is going to be organised where international students have the last opportunity to relive the Morrison’s feeling. Then, on 30 March, The Last Friday party is going to start at 8 p.m. where the ambitious singers can try themselves in karaoke. Finally, on 31st March, The Last Party is going to close the party-marathon, giving the last chance for visitors to spend a night at Morrison’s.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event.

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