According to and, 24-year-old Sam Clancy arrived in Budapest on last Friday (April 28th) for a stag weekend with a group of 22. Clancy got separated from the group at Morrison’s 2, and has been missing since, not having any papers on him, only his wallet and mobile phone, which goes straight to voicemail.

His friends started looking for him immediately, and notified his family as well on Sunday, as they did not hear from him on Saturday. The group has turned to the police and made inquiries at several hospitals, but with no luck. Part of the group flew back to the UK, the remaining ones are still searching for him, they are going to be accompanied by the young man’s father, Carl, and his fiancé, Rebecca.

Clancy’s family complained that the police are not co-operative enough and that they are not making progress with acquiring the surveillance footages from Szent István Boulevard. The man from Rochdale was last seen getting a cab there around 10 pm.

Clancy was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, nothing that stands out or would be provoking. The search party is handing out posters at the airport, asking fellow Brits to keep an eye open for the factory worker.

Matthew, Sam’s brother, says that everyone in the family is ‘losing their minds’ and are concerned for the young dad, who has a two-year-old daughter. They are asking people to contact them if they see any traces of Sam. The disappearance seems very strange for the brother, claiming that Sam would never do such a thing, and he feels that something is wrong.

It is not only the Hungarian police that is looking for Clancy, but the British authorities and police are involved as well. According to a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth office, they are in contact with the Hungarian authorities and are doing everything they can to help the family of the missing man.


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It seems that Sam Clancy was found dead. He became the victim of a fatal accident on the Váci Street. According to information, he probably got lost, and wanted to cross the road by running, while he was hit by a car.

Photo: MTI
Photo: MTI

Photo: MTI


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