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Budapest in the ’60s – or nowadays? – PHOTO GALLERY

Budapest in the ’60s – or nowadays? – PHOTO GALLERY shares a significant collection of Fortepan’s near 2000 photos illustrating what life was like in the 1960s. The photos shown in the gallery may easily suggest the idea that they were actually taken these days, though, all of them include some hint on the earlier times.

Before opening the gallery, why not check another collection showing some police photos from the time of Socialism

All photos shared in the gallery are courtesy of Fortepan.



  1. Anonymous

    I came to Budapest for the first time in 1966. I met with a beautiful young girl, Kemeny Tunde. I stayed at her parent’s house and we were planing to marry and stay together for ever. But the kormany in those days were not cooperative and they even blocked the correspondence between Tunde and me. In 1966 Budapest was a beautiful city and when I came back in 1977 the beauty was still there. I married another girl from Budapest and since 1977 I come to Budapest every year and sometimes I have seen the cleaning of many buildings and the city became more and more beautiful. In short: I was in love with Hungary, Budapest and the magyar people! I wish that in Holland we had the same prime minister as your Orban Viktor!
    I wish you all the best and please keep me informed about new pictures!
    Sander from Holland

  2. Sander Driessen

    I forgot to mention the details below in my precious mail!

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