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VS.hu writes that the list ranking the payments Hungarian workers receive is out, showing that the air traffic controllers earn the most. They are followed by the politicians and brokers.

The annual statistics of Buksza – based on the data of the National Employment Service of Hungary – showing the average payment of different professions in 2015 have been published recently. Although, important to note that while making the list the data regarding those in public employments were excluded.

In 2015, the air traffic controllers managed to top the payment list, for their average monthly gross income was about 5700 EUR (1.8 million HUF), while the net (without all the allowances) was near 3700 EUR (1.164 million HUF).

On the second place of the list the politicians can be found, though, officially put the lawmakers, ministers and state secretaries. Averagely they earned more than 3900 EUR (1.24 million HUF), the net amount of which was about 2500 EUR (811 thousand HUF) per month.

Then, the brokers, officially the stock market and financial agents and brokers, were ranked third with an average monthly gross payment of about 3000 EUR (962 thousand HUF), which meant a net amount of almost 2000 EUR (630 thousand HUF).

Leaders of IT companies could make it to the fourth position by earning averagely about 2700 EUR (866 thousand HUF) in gross, while companies’ strategic leaders and their average gross income of almost 2600 EUR (818 thousand HUF) per month landed at the fifth position.

However, the average payment on the country scale was far less, about 820 EUR (259 thousand HUF) per month. The only change regarding the top of the payment list last year, compared to that of 2014, was that the politicians were previously ranked first, as the data of the air traffic controllers were not evaluated.

Interestingly, Vs.hu writes that, in 2014, the politicians topped the list with an amount of almost 3300 EUR (1.033 million HUF), and in 2015 they earned more than 3900 EUR, thus within a year their gross income increased by 20%.

Also, the research leaders were second on the list of 2014, as they earned about 3000 EUR (949 thousand HUF) back then, but last year this became “only” about 2400 EUR (760 thousand HUF), that is their gross income decreased by 20% within a year.

Besides, leaders of companies dealing with business services earned about 2700 EUR (857 thousand HUF) and were ranked third in 2014, while in 2015 they received averagely about 2100 EUR (674 thousand HUF) in a month, hence, they were not even included in the top ten of the list.

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Source: vs.hu

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