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Lord Mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony, and PM Viktor Orbán. In fight for the voters. Photos:;

Those who follow the political debates in Hungary know that, following the 2019 municipal elections when Budapest chose the opposition to lead the city, the government is in a fight with the Lord Mayor of the capital, Gergely Karácsony. That is mostly because he can potentially become the leader of the alliance of the opposition parties in 2022.

The battlefields of this fight are all over Budapest from the renovation of the Chain Bridge, the government’s budget cuts affecting mostly the capital, to the different development projects of the government in Budapest Karácsony and his team does not agree with or the bicycle lanes they created during the coronavirus epidemic in spring. 

Hungary’s municipalities are serving the public more efficiently in the current economic and social crisis caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic than the central government, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony said in a message to the Socialist Party’s online congress on Saturday.

The municipal authorities may play a major role in managing the crisis, even if the government makes every possible effort to hinder their work, Karácsony said on the Socialists’ Facebook page.

The municipalities led by opposition parties demonstrate the benefits of social governance which “is a great hope for Hungary and a serious threat to the government”, he said.

Karácsony, who is also co-leader of the Socialist ally Parbeszed party, called on the Socialists to

put an end to their internal disputes.

The Socialist party is the sole opposition force to pursue a Social Democratic policy, he said, adding that there would be no opposition victory without a Social Democratic party.

Source: MTI

  1. I am with our Mayor. 100 %
    Not that doing better than the hu govt is that hard, but still our Mayor is so right, especially when we consider how harshly the govt is financially punishing Budapest and all other cities where last year citizens “dared” to vote against Fidesz&co. As if the economic damage caused by covid and lack of tourists were not enough.

  2. I am with our PM Orbán 100%
    Orbán works for ALL the Hungarians here and abroad, not just the richest Hungarian city in the world currently run by money burning communists. Money that will soon run out, as it’s easy to burn it, when you don’t have a plan to generate it, such as the former commie regime. Things like tourism and manufacturing, food & medicine production are all out of the reach of the commies. Each of them figure it’ll will be answered by Soros or the EU when all else fails like with Greece, Spain, Italy to mention a few.

  3. Mario is nothing but a pet poodle for the likes of Soros and Karacsony (a paid ‘stooge’ for Soros Global Enterprises).

    Perhaps he will pee on their pants …

  4. “municipalities serve people better than the government”… of course they do, the closer the decision is taken to people the better… a local townhall is better at serving its residents that someone sitting on a far away palace. the same happens to families: they know better what’s best for them than the state, govt etc…

  5. Long live our wonderful Mayor and next Prime Minister Gergely Karacsony!

  6. This novel coronavirus has changed the way of the world, and these changes, are still long developing and unfolding, as we journey through, the layers of change, the world will witness from this novel coronavirus.
    History is a great teacher.
    Countries that have fostered, supported strongly and focused there ideas and philosophies on building communities, we are evidenced, through the reading of History, they have a high success rate of success, when they have been confronted and challenged – either internally national disasters or their need to engage in affairs outside their boarders like invasion or wars.
    Communities, that is what the 23 Districts of Budapest rightfully are and should be referred.
    There position of remaining United and Strong – given a respected and strong voice, encouraged provided by their District Mayor and officers, their needs for community growth and development, must not be allowed to waver or stray, but remain as a vital ingredient in the Future for their survival and sheer existence.
    United and Strong – the acceptance and understanding, the vitalness of a supportive community.
    History we know, teaches us, that communities UNITED can “move mountains” and influence decisions of Governments and effect massive change in the lives of communities and of a Country.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

  7. With all due respect to the previous writer, Mario is NO ‘pet poodle’.

    Rather, he is a HELL HOUND in every sense of the word with such a foul odour that only people with ‘anosmia’ (lack of smell) would be unaware of his permeating stench.

    It would be best for everyone to ‘put down’ this poor creature without delay and the carcass burnt so that its ashes can return to HELL.

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