reports, based on the information of, that it took almost 1.5 decades for Flórian Farkas to finish primary school. The former president of ORÖ (National Roma Council), current Ministerial Commissioner and MP finished the 8th grade at an evening school’s prison department.

For two decades the educational attainment of the president of Lungo Drom was not known, not even Flórián Farkas himself talked about his past. However, thanks to a data collection of public interest, the politician’s school certificates became unveiled. They show that Farkas was born in Tiszaroff in 1957 and did the first 6 years of primary at the Baptist school of Tiszaroff.

The documents also show that he finished 6th grade at the age of 15, in the 1971-72 school year, while the 7th was fulfilled at a course of 160 classes at the “Dairy” School of Workers in Szolnok 3 years later. He finished the final, 8th grade at the Földes Ferenc Workers’ School in Dunaújváros, at the age of 20, in 1977.

It took the attention that, on the copy of the certificate of the 8th year not only the grades are covered but also other parts that were visible on the 7th year’s certificate. Also, the verifying seal belongs to the Rosti Pál High School, which is the successor institution of Földes and has a prison department.

The national headquarters of the law enforcement services told the site that classrooms for prisoners were established at the Law Enforcement Institution of Pálhalma, in 1972. After the change of names the education was provided by the Földes Ferenc and then the Rosti Pál High School.

Besides, a 1998 Magyar Narancs article reported that Farkas was convicted – even for imprisonment – 3 times between 1975 and 1982. Actually, the politician has never denied having a criminal record.

Afterward, he graduated from the university, though his resume was confusing about this information: it said that he acquired his degree at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, where he had been a part-time teacher after that, too. But according to the findings of mno, Farkas attended the Faculty of Social Sciences at ELTE.

However, later, István Klinghammer, then rector of ELTE, and István Vida, the head of department both denied the claims that Farkas ever worked at the university as a part time teacher.

Photo: Elekes Andor (commons.wikimedia)

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