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Instagram is one of the most popular sites today to share our thoughts, feelings, and life events through pictures. Crane, a marketing agency dealing with processing data, has revealed its latest statistics on how the Hungarians use Instagram. writes about the details.

Nowadays, when the age of the internet and the Big Data has come, the internet is an everyday tool for most of the people. They are not only communicating through the web but also sharing their thoughts, feelings, and life events on social media. There are many popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. As more and more people are using these social networks, it is becoming easier to collect enough data for surprising statistics. Crane decided to analyse the habits of Instagram’s Hungarian users, to have a more detailed picture of how an ordinary Hungarian Instagram profile looks like and what it is used for.

An ordinary Hungarian person using Instagram

You are likely to belong to the group of ordinaries’ if you are between the ages of 25 and 45, and you have a private profile. Additionally, you may post one time a week or several times a month but check in daily for details about your friends or celebrities from abroad. Likely, you use the Stories surface and have 2-300 followers. Furthermore, an ordinary Hungarian Instagram user likes looking at friends’ photos, pictures of the city or landscapes, and interesting moments.

Hungarian Instagram users take photos of their pizza for the most time when it comes to foods. If they have to choose between Budapest and the countryside, they will choose the second option. Also, they like dogs more than cats. Additionally, the most popular Hungarian hashtags are #mik (men) #love (women) #friends #budapest, and #hungary.

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Barbara Palvin (@realbarbarapalvin) által megosztott bejegyzés,

They are the most popular Hungarian people on Instagram: @palvinbarbi, @lv.adr1enn, @andicsinger, @k.polla @v.fruzsi @benistenes @dancsopeter1. 

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