Tresorit encryption end-to-end

Tresorit’s new idea, the Prevaat is a groundbreaking conception because it would encrypt data end-to-end. This means that not even the site operators could see anything of it, not to mention selling the information, as Facebook does. Tresorit started a public funding, as reports.

The big idea

Hungarian Tresorit, that deals with encrypted file sharing, would create a new encrypted social network. Their idea is based on Facebook‘s and Cambridge Analytica’s scandal because of whom 50 million people’s private data got shared with unauthorised personnel. The name of this new social network would be Prevaat.

Its main advantage would be that not even the site operators could have access to anyone’s data due to the encryption between users.

Tresorit encryption end-to-end

The problem with Facebook

The root of the problem with Facebook is not that it could not encrypt the data, it is that it does not want to do so. Their reason is that they are earning money from selling the users data.

Today, every Facebook users data is accessible for the site operators, not to mention various applications and other users.

According to Eszter Szilva, PR manager of Tresorit, the company wants to solve this problem with the help of technology instead of setting limitations. She also stated that accessibility of the users’ data for unauthorised personnel must be inhibited.

Encrypting end-to-end would be a solution for the situation.

Tresorit encryption end-to-end

Financial issues

To make their dream come true, they started an IndieGoGo campaign and their aim is to collect a million dollars to start programming the site. They had 2535 dollars from 83 backers as for 30/03/2018.

First, it would be free for anyone to join the site until there is a good amount of users. After that, people would need to pay for the service. There would be also commercials after a while but only without sharing the users’ personal data, of course. Additionally, there would be an option to pay for getting rid of the commercials.

Views of Tresorit

According to Eszter, the problem does not lie in the commercials but the in the way Facebook handles them.

The system is not clear for most of the users, there is not any specific agreement to sign, and the microtargeting is too intensive. Facebook, as well as the advertisers, know too much about the users.

What is more, all of the information concentrates on one company who handles advertising.

Previous attempts

There had been many attempts to create user-friendlier social networks but none of these has succeeded yet. However, Tresorit stays optimistic because as far as they know, none of those used encrypting end-to-end. Tresorit’s advantage is that they have a six-year experience in encrypting, though. They are prepared for failure as well but besides backers, they are also discussing with potential investors. Tresorit is one of the tops in encrypting technology around the world. Its team began from BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics). Márton Anka, the founder of Logmein, has recently joined them.

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