Facebook’s online shopping platform, Marketplace, has been made available in Hungary. Facebook users can now access the popular service in Hungary since Monday, reports mmonline.hu. Marketplace is very popular in the US, where 18 million products are put on sale per month.

Facebook has made Marketplace available in Hungary on the 14th of August. To use and access the online shopping platform and to browse the available items, you only have to click on the shop icon in the Facebook mobile app (at the bottom of the page).

When you open Marketplace, you will see those items on sale that are sold by users in your vicinity. You can search for exact items using the search bar at the top of the page, and the results can be filtered according to place, category, and price. Additionally, you can browse the items by category, for example, skim through the electronics, furnishings, garden tools, clothes, or accessories. Thanks to the built-in location tool users can not only browse the items close to them, but they can search for items sold in other cities.

If you’re interested in a given item, you only have to tap on the image of it to find a detailed description of the product and to learn about the seller’s contact info. You can even save the items to check them out later. Both sellers and customers can see each other’s public profile, from where they can find out when the other registered to Facebook and whether or not they have mutual friends.

If a user is interested in an item, they can send a direct message to the seller via Facebook, also making a bid. From this point on, the two can agree on the terms of the sale, Facebook will not participate either in the payment or the shipping process. However, Facebook uses a computer learning technology and will rely on users to filter those products that are against the policies. If you happen to stumble across such an offer, make sure to notify Facebook about it so that they can remove the ad.

According to Facebook’s announcement, it is very easy to sell a product via Marketplace, as there are only three simple steps. First, you have to take a photo of your item in the app or add the already existing photos from your gallery to the ad. Then you have to name your product, provide a description and the price, give the location. Lastly, you have to pick the proper category and then publish it.

Users were selling their items in Facebook groups before, which were quite popular: 550 million users worldwide are using these groups monthly. With the launching of Marketplace, the selling process has been made simple, as this platform is the same for everyone everywhere and users can get into contact with each other easily. To use Marketplace, you don’t have to download any additional apps to your phone. Your previous and current transactions are available in the ‘Your items’ section. Here you can access previously saved items, your items for sale and your messages with other users.

Source: mmonline.hu

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