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After a meeting with the prime ministers of the Visegrád Four in Brussels on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a statement about people’s personal Facebook data being used without their consent. He described such use of Facebook’s database for commercial – and particularly for a political campaign – purposes as unacceptable.

In a video uploaded on his Facebook page, the Prime Minister said that in the meeting there had been agreement that this practice must be prevented.

He said that the full force of the law must be used to combat this practice, particularly if illegal acts have been committed. He added that a final decision would be made by that evening.

Mr. Orbán said that their discussion of the Facebook issue would continue in the meeting between the twenty-eight EU leaders. He observed that the matter has provoked universal outrage, including in Brussels.

On Tuesday the European Parliament invited Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, to explain the scandal which has recently emerged in relation to his company. Facebook must make it clear to the representatives of five hundred million EU citizens that it does not and will not use people’s personal data in order to manipulate the democratic process. President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said that Mr. Zuckerberg must also give an account of how the company Cambridge Analytica could have used the Facebook profiles of tens of millions of people in the course of the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Source: MTI

  1. This is the real reason why everyone is angry at Cambridge Analytica (CA).
    Believe it or not. Some things seem to be very complicated but are quite simple. See the noise about Cambridge Analytica (CA). The culprit in this whole story is Facebook. That enabled CA to harvest data. Whether CA played completely according to the rules is another story but who, for God’s sake, leaves the technical possibility open to read the data of millions of profiles? And who would leave that possibility, if you were in the CA field, unused? Anyway, why is everyone so angry with the CA dataminers? That is also simple: because CA helped the wrong side. It has helped Trump to win the election. And that is of course not allowed. Is that right? Yes, because notice the following: The Guardian reported in 2012 that Obama’s re-election campaign was proceeding in the same way. Then no cock crowed. As Ben Shapiro rightly says: What’s genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump. You want even more evidence, both for the selective indignation and the incredible way in which Facebook helps friendly politicians? Please read this confession, very recently tweeted by the mediaboss of Obama’s last election campaign what Democrats did and what is very similar to what CA is now mangled: Facebook was surprised that we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they did not stop us once they were re-lised that was what we were doing. They came to our office in the next days to elect and recruit & were very glad that they allowed us to do things they would not have allowed someone else to do it because they were on our side. Deleting your Facebook account is easy. Just saying.

  2. That’s why I never signed up for Facebook. You’re right, it’s not CA..but Facebook who screwed up. Thank you

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