This list is for those who like art and beautiful things in general. With the help of this list, you can easily decide which magnificent castle to visit next time you are in Hungary.

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Károlyi Castle at Fehérvárcsurgó

This castle is located in Fehérvárcsurgó, in Fejér county. The building was constructed in Classicist style, and the designers were Miklós Ybl and Heinrich Koch. The history of the castle goes back to 1691. At that time, it was the residence of the Hochburg family. After several exchanges of owners, it fell into the hands of György Károlyi, who became famous because, in 1825, he donated 40,000 Ft (125 €) to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The castle operates as a hotel today, but people can tour it with a guide.

Károlyi Castle at Fehérvárcsurgó
Károlyi Castle at Fehérvárcsurgó, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Festetics Castle

The castle is not only famous for its owner but also for its role in Hungarian history. The building is Hungary’s 4th largest castle with its 101 rooms. It is important to note that the renovation work is also very good. The size of the library, though not as large as it was in its time, is still unique. There is a detailed tour where the guide introduces the curiosities of the era, and the castle’s 42-hectare park is a nature reserve. There is an oak tree here which is over 400 years old.

Keszthely kastély castle Festetics

Eszterházy Palace

The castle in Fertőd was built between 1720 and 1766 at the request of Miklós Eszterházy. This is the largest Baroque building in Hungary, also referred to sometimes as the “Hungarian Versailles”. In order to make this building happen, many artisans worked on it. After its construction, the building became a major cultural centre. The castle is more deeply rooted in history as the famous composer, Joseph Haydn, worked here.

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Eszterházy Palace Eszterházy Kastély
Eszterházy Palace

Grassalkovich Castle

This Baroque-style building was erected in the 1740s, and Antal Grassalkovich, the confidant of Maria Theresa of Austria, was its owner. After the death of the family, after several exchanges of owners, it is thought to be owned by a Belgian bank, after György Sina’s descendant sold it. The castle served as a base during the 1848 Revolution for the Hungarians. There is one interesting detail about the castle: Sisi and Ferenc József were often relaxing here in the months of autumn and spring.

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Grassalkovich Castle Kastély Télen
Grassalkovich Castle, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Château Visz

This castle brings you to a beautiful place. Only a few kilometres from Lake Balaton, on the periphery of the village of Visz, there is a large hunting area. Right next to it is this beautiful castle which operates as a hotel.

Château Visz Viszi Kastély

Károlyi Mansion at Füzérradvány

The eagle-eyed reader might have noticed that there was already a Károlyi Castle on our list. While it is true, it is in a different location; but, adding to the similarities, this building was also constructed by the designs of Miklós Ybl. The construction was finished in 1859 in the style of Romanticism. The interior mirrors the Italian Baroque and Renaissance designs.

Füzérradvány Károlyi-kastély Károlyi Mansion
Károlyi Mansion at Füzérradvány, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Nádasdy Castle

The Baroque predecessor of this castle was probably built during the 14th century, but the form it is in nowadays was only developed during the renovations in the 19th century when the whole building was reconstructed to reflect the Tudor style. The builder of the castle was István Linzbauer, who decided to build it in this style at the request of the Nádasdy family, as the family’s history originates from England. The family lived in the castle up until WWII when they needed to leave. After the war, the building was owned by the Ministry of National Defence. The outer elements of the building have been restored, but the interior is still a work in progress.

Nádasdy castle kastély Nádasladány

Károlyi Castle at Nagymágocs

Now, it must not be a coincidence, a third Károlyi Castle? Yes, although again, in a different location, at Nagymágócs this time. The castle was built by Imre Károly between 1896 and 1897. The building was constructed in Neo-Baroque and Eclectic styles, and the park of the castle is an interesting tourist attraction, too. The park has a 41-hectare green area and a 10-hectare lake. The Károlyi family was one of Hungary’s most significant families in our long history.

Nagymagocs Karolyi kastély Castle
Károlyi Castle at Nagymágocs, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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