made a list of the most dangerous places in Budapest. It includes abandoned industrial areas with whores, pimps and criminals – the dark side of the capital.

Diószeghy Sámuel Street, 8th district

In the spring of 2012 Counter Terrorism Center (TEK) carried out the largest action of its history: they searched several apartments with the help of 120 commandos. They found 150 doses of drugs, weapons, contraband cigarettes. 8 people got arrested. There is a homeless shelter and a mobile police station in the street, but the area is still very dangerous. Walking there is not a good idea. However, there are a couple of other similar places in the capital, for example: Magdolna Street, Klinikak (there is a metro station as well), Orczy Square and its neighborhood.

Szabadkai Road, 9th district

There are a lot of prostitutes here, it functions as an unofficial tolerance zone between Soroksári and Gubacsi Road. During peak hours the place is full of prostitutes, you can easily recognize them from their clothes (or the lack of clothes). In addition, the potential customers roll in front of them at a slow pace. Of course, it is not the only place in Budapest with these characteristics: other destinations are Dunakeszi Road and Gyógyszergyári Road in Kőbánya.

Train Cemetery

The official name is: the Main Train Workshop of Istvantelek train cemetery, and actually, some people find it fairly romantic, states. The industrial area is located 2 train stops away from Nyugati railway station, and the former trains – now out of order – inhabit it for now. If there is someone who still want’s to visit this unpleasant sight, one should contact BudapestScenes which organizes alternative trips in the Hungarian capital.

Nyugati Square underpass

According to, underpasses at night are always sinister, and they are frequently filled with homeless, prostitutes, their bosses and the customers. If someone has to cross it at night, it is advisable to leave it as soon as possible.


Kozvagohid (Public slaughterhouse)

It was the public slaughterhouse some time ago. Now only music bands and the R33 club operate here. It is quite depressing to walk down on the death row where animals were herded to the first floor. It is no wonder that people begin drinking in the R33 club, wrote.

Kamaraerdei Road, 22nd district

The road leading through Tetenyi plateau is completely different from other places where prostitutes normally work. The landscape is deserted, the environment is bushy, there are bad roads and burning oil barrels which give light to all the “employees” waiting there.

Csepel Works

This 250-hectare industrial area is the most important remnant of socialism. Once, 25 thousand people worked here in the previous system. Before World War II it was called Weiss Manfred Steel and Metal Works. It is no wonder that is the ideal place for photoshoots and filming. You can visit the place with the guidance of BudapestScenes, writes.

OPNI, Lipótmező

You cannot visit this place, but it still needs to be written about. This iconic, abandoned building was the home of the National Psychiatric and Neurological Institute (OPNI) in Lipotmezo. People of Budapest often called it the “yellow house” because of the color of its walls. On April 1, 2007, the institute was closed and several people allegedly were thrown into the street. According to, this is the second-biggest public building of Hungary (the Parliament is the first). The property is very valuable, but it is not used yet, except by musicians and crews shooting videos there.

 Dunakeszi Road

This is another notorious place of Budapest. Like the previously-mentioned Szabadkai Road, several prostitutes work here. You can find the road next to the waste incinerator, but there are no other buildings nearby.

Photo: Texaner/Wikimedia Commons

Copy editor: bm


  1. Very interesting article; I wander where are the danger and mystery spots are in the more privileged 2nd and 12th Buda districts? Szel Kalman/ former Moszkva Ter comes to mind. Any others?

  2. There is an android app for that, search for NoGo Budapest, there is an interactive map to check the dangerous zones.

  3. @Janne
    Their “bosses”, or pimps a nd their dealers or drug sellers.

  4. Népliget. Just do not go there at night if you value your life. I’m dead serious. This might sound like I’m overreacting, but just stay as far away from that wretched fucking place as possible. Human traffickers with eyes pierced for vulnerable party-leavers (Liget Club is there) prostitutes and their pimps, basically every archetype who you do not want to meet. When I came face to face with the situation that was there I actually felt sick to my stomach. Definietly one of the worst places in BP security-wise.

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