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The icy road may suggest an accident rather than a crime act. Though, it seems rather scary that no one and no cars are around / Fortepan / Budapest Főváros Levéltára. Levéltári jelzet: HU.BFL.XV.19.c.10

The highest number of traffic accidents in 2018 in Budapest happened on Váci road, but considering the length-to-crash ratio, we are faced with a surprise, as one of Budapest slowest roads, Andrássy, is the first. writes that the most traffic accidents resulting in personal injuries or death took place on Váci road, Üllői road and Pesti road in the Hungarian capital city in 2018. Sadly, the number of such accidents is higher than in 2017.

If considering the number of accidents, the longest roads are the most dangerous ones, but in reality, Andrássy road is where you should pay close attention: although this road is no longer than 2 kilometres, altogether 37 crashes happened here.

Hungary has the worst roads officially – learn more here reports, based on data provided by the Central Statistics Office, that the number of accidents involving serious personal injuries has grown from 121 in 2017 to 150 in 2018. The number of casualties remains the same at 47, while crashes involving light injuries has decreased.

There is but a minimal decrease in the number of accidents from 3685 in 2017 to 3556 in 2018.

The table below ranks the top 10 roads where most accidents happened in 2018.

Number of accidentsResulting in casualtiesResulting in serious injuryResulting in light injury
1. Váci út9011355
2. Üllői út5511836
3. Pesti út440737
4-5. Andrássy út371630
4-5. Budaörsi út372530
6. Soroksári út352627
7. Szentendrei út311822
8. Hungária körút290524
9. Szentmihályi út271422
10. Hűvösvölgyi út250619

It might come as a surprise, but given the qualities of Andrássy road, the number of accidents is unbelievable. So much so, that if we consider the number of crashes per kilometre, this is Budapest’s most dangerous road. There are several reasons why this is so absurd:
– Andrássy is only 2 kilometres long, much shorter than the top 10 roads
– it is straight as an arrow
– traffic lights regulate all of the intersections
– you can see every square metre correctly; public lighting is good in night-time too.

The same conditions apply to József boulevard, although the car lanes are quite narrow there, cyclists are allowed as well, and thanks to one of the world’s most frequently used trams, a lot of pedestrians cross it.

Curious accident: a woman drove into a pedestrian subway

Below is a table containing the number of accidents per kilometre in 2018.

Number of accidents per 1 km
1. Andrássy út18,5
2. József körút18,4
3. Margit körút11,1
4. Baross utca10,4
5. Thököly út7,6
6. Váci út7,5
7. Kossuth Lajos utca (XXI. district)7,3
8. Szentmihályi út6,7
9. Soroksári út6,3
10. Pesti út4,7

Surprisingly, the first part of the table features roads and streets where car traffic is very slow; the average speed does not reach 20 km/h during the daytime, which means that speed is not to blame for. However, there are a lot of pedestrians, cyclists using the car lanes, cars are too close to one another, and in some cases, trams are also involved.

featured image: Fortepan


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