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If you search for images taken in Budapest, where were most of the photos taken? These five places are definitely among the most often occurring ones on the popular social media platform with #budapest. Locals and travellers alike love these sights which are always there for a perfect Instagram post.

When I would like to get a realistic image of a certain place, I usually look it up on Instagram, and I search for the location to see what other people posted when they were at that same spot; let that be a restaurant, a bar, a gym or even a whole city. I believe that one can get a far more realistic image of a place by looking at what other people posted about it online, rather than checking out the place’s Facebook page, website or any other “official” social media page.

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This is why I think it is very useful to check Instagram before travelling somewhere new. If you are planning to visit Budapest, or if you are staying here for a while, maybe studying, I hope this list comes in handy.

It was not easy to assemble this list. I was really hoping that the list would not contain only the most famous sights that everybody knows but offer something special as well. Of course, most places on this list are beloved tourist spots because the more people know about something, the more posts are created about it on social media.

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I am not familiar with the exact statistics, but I would say that Budapest is a popular city on Instagram. There are millions of photos out there that were taken here. People started creating special hashtags for it, to make it easier to search for posts that are only about Hungary’s ever so famous capital, such as the obvious #budapest which appears on over 11 million posts, but there is also #budapestgram (72,740 posts) or #instabudapest (71,705 posts). I was scrolling through these photos, as well as the ones whose location was Budapest and found that the following places appear most often on Instagram.

The Danube

The river Danube splits the two sides of the city: Buda and Pest. The river is also the reason why we have so many beautiful historic bridges. Since the banks of the river are very close to the heart of the city, the majority of people wandering around downtown go and check the peaceful river out. There are pubs along the river where people can hang out, or you can just sit down and watch the lights after sunset, or walk over a bridge and admire the view. There are over 1 million posts on Instagram with the #danube.

Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge is said to be Budapest’s most beautiful bridge, which basically leads the way to one of the most famous hotels in town; the Four Seasons Hotel inside the Gresham Palace. The Chain Bridge is most beautiful at night when it is all lit up. Over 178,000 people shared their photos of it and used the #chainbridge.

Instagram photos of chain bridge
Photo: Instagram

Fisherman’s Bastion

It is no question why this sight is one of the most popular ones on Instagram. If you visit the Fisherman’s Bastion on the Buda side, you will get a chance to see the beautiful panorama of Budapest from above the city. You are able to see very far, and the bastion offers a few really cool spots for a perfect Instagram post. Over 85,000 photos were shared with the #fishermansbastion.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

One of the things most people know about Budapest, even before coming here, is that it is a thermal bath capital. There are numerous well-known historic thermal baths in the city that locals as well as tourists love. The one that seems to appear most often on Instagram is definitely Széchenyi Thermal Bath located near the City Park and Heroes’ Square.

Instagram photos of széchenyi bath
Photo: Instagram

Random cool streets

This is my favourite on the list. There is an enormous amount of photos on Instagram of just random streets of Budapest; narrow or wide, crowded or empty, but they are always cool. These photos really capture the vibe of this energetic city, and what it is like to live here. There are amazing graffiti all over the city, romantic hidden spots, narrow Mediterranean streets, etc.

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