If you are looking to explore the natural wonders of Hungary, starting with a hike might be one of the best options for you. Termálfürdő has collected some of the most beautiful places from where the view is unparalleled. The locations are various, there are spots near Budapest and Lake Balaton, but even in the Mátra, the highest point in Hungary.


You can get the most beautiful view of the Danube at Prédikálószék (Pulpit Rock or Preacher’s chair, loosely translated), the lookout at the Danube bend. The lookout tower was erected in 2016 on the highest point of the mountain, situated at 639 metres above sea level. At one side of the Danube you will find these magnificent rocks guarding the bend, while at the other one, you can dip your feet at a free beach at Zebegény.

View from Prédikálószék. Photo:


The highest mountain’s highest peak in Hungary is at 1014 metres above sea level, where you will find the Kékes TV Tower functioning as a lookout tower. The astonishing view here is accompanied by crystal clear air, and as an extra, there is a bath in the vicinity, at the Gates of Mátra, at Gyöngyös.


If the weather is clear, you can see Lake Fertő, Lake Balaton and even the Schneeberg-Rax peaks in Austria from Írott-kő (Written Stone), which is the highest point in Western Hungary, peaking at 883 metres. The lookout tower’s entrance is at the Austrian side of the border. After your excursion here, you can let off steam at Bükfürdő, a 14 acres’ water wonder.

The Írott-kő lookout during wintertime

Badacsony, Kisfaludy-kilátó

This is truly the most beautiful view of Lake Balaton that you can get. The Kisfaludy lookout is situated 18 metres above sea level on the lake’s northern shore. It was built around 1960 and was renovated in 2012. If you feel like you have absorbed enough of the serenity that this view provides, while you are on your way to the sandy beach that is on the shore, check out the Lovers’ Fountain.

János Hill, Elizabeth lookout

The Elizabeth lookout is a perfect option if you do not have the time or the means to wander further than Budapest. It is located at the city’s highest point, lying at 527 metres above sea level. You get a beautiful 360 degrees’ panoramic view of both the Danube and the Buda Hills, and as an extra, you can enjoy the architectural wonders of the lookout tower that was built in the Neo-Romantic style and has four terraces. Finish off your tour at the Palatinus bath at Margaret Island.

Elizabeth Lookout on János Hill
Photo: facebook / János-hegyi Erzsébet-kilátó

Balatonboglár, Gömb-kilátó

The Gömb-kilátó (Globe Lookout) is hands down the most unique lookout in Hungary, even though it is not situated high, lying only at 165 metres above sea level. The Balatonboglár UFO has tens of thousands of visitors each year, which is no surprise if you consider the panoramic view it offers on Lake Balaton. You can already see the numerous beaches of Balatonboglár, among them the Jókai sétány, a free beach, where the water gets deeper gradually.

balaton lake view lookout balatonboglár
Photo: by CivertanS


The reason why the lookout at Fonyód is interesting is that it was built atop the remains of a castle from between the 11th and 14th centuries in 2011. From here you can see fully the western and middle basins of Lake Balaton and even see across the Tihany Peninsula. There is even an elevator up to the first floor for the disabled, so everyone can enjoy the scenic view.

Balatongyörök, Szépkilátó

In case you are looking for the best view over Badacsony, Termálfürdő advises visiting the Szépkilátó at Balatongyörök, which is also nicknamed the Gate of West-Balaton. Once you are here, you can check out the Roman spring too, which was renovated in 2009.

View from the Balatongyörök Szépkilátó lookout


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