MarvelÔÇÖs upcoming Black Widow movie, which kept many fans waiting for a long time, will finally be released this Summer. An interesting bit about the movie will be, however, that it is not only shot in the Hungarian capital, but a large portion of the plot also takes place in our beloved Budapest.

The previous trailer of the Black Widow movie was released over a month ago, but many of the scenes depicted in the film were actually taking place in Budapest. As we reported earlier, Budapest has become one of the most popular filming locations of Hollywood; therefore, it is not surprising that one of the latest Marvel movies also takes place in the Hungarian capital.

The previous trailer

First, you could have seen Scarlett Johansson in action in front of the Budapest Parliament, and the previous trailer also revealed some super-exciting scenes shot in the Hungarian capital. It is not just a shooting location this time, however; a significant part of the plot takes place in Budapest as well.

The trailer opens with the scene of the Citadella on Gell├ęrt Hill. Then you can see Natasha Romanoff arriving at the iconic Keleti Railway Station. Later she continues her mission with Yelena (Florence Pugh) racing on Constitution Street.

As Hvg reported, there is, however, a brand-new trailer which was shown at the MTV Movie & TV Awards ceremony weekend. The latest trailer shows a one-minute-long scene from the movie, the entirety of which is taking place in Budapest, at the Danube embankment on the Pest side of the Hungarian capital. At around the second 26 of the trailer, the duo of Yelena and Natasha driving the BMW X3 turning right at the corner of Kossuth Lajos square just before you could take a glimpse at the Hungarian Parliament.

The latest trailer
Scarlett Johanson Black Widow Trailer Budapest
Danube embankment and Kossuth Lajos square
Source: Image still from the latest movie trailer
Kossuth Lajos square
Source: Google Street View

The upcoming movie will give fans a glimpse into the origins of the Black Widow program, featuring Rachel Weisz and David Harbour ÔÇô who might be familiar from Stranger Things and will open the fourth cycle of the Marvel Universe.

The movie has been postponed three times so far and is finally released in US cinemas and on Disney+ on the 9th of July. Hungarians, however, are a bit luckier, as the movie will launch in the country on the 8th of July, Origo reported.

Marvel Winter Soldier Falcon Budapest Studios
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