writes that the new Hungarian invention, the Vasuta spritzer (named after its inventor, Gábor Vasuta) will be launched at summer festivals. The bottled spritzer is made with 51% wine rate, poured into a half liter plastic bottle at 2,5 bar pressure with a twisty, lockup cap. You’ll be able to choose from Cserszegi fűszeres spritzer made from white wine and Cabernet Savignon spritzer made from red wine.

The Hungarian beverage was a great success at the world’s biggest international food and drink exhibition, FOODEX, in Tokio, between the 8th and 11th of March, and also at the Food and Hotel international exhibition in Singapore between the 12th and 15th of April. People also liked it in Hague at the Business Women Congress, which means that it is also close to women’s hearts and tastes.

The alcohol content of the bottled spritzer is the same as beer’s, but it’s not fattening, it’s very effective, when you’re thirsty, and if you drink it within bounds, then it helps digestion and blood circulation. So it’s perfect for the summer festivals VOLT, Balaton Sound, Sziget etc. It’s especially exciting that foreigners will also get the chance to try this excellent hungaricum and report upon the Hungarian wines, soda and creativity in their homelands.


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