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Kisalfold.hu writes that Tünde Szabó showed her killer body 12 years ago. The new leader took István Simicskó’s position, who is now the Minister of National Defence.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Human Resources, Minister Zoltán Balog asked the 41 years old sport jurist to take the post of the under-secretary responsible for sport. She accepted it.

But this wasn’t the only focus of the appointment last Friday. As Bors has written, the new sport leader showed her body to every one 12 years ago. In 2003, Playboy published nude photos of her.
Tünde Szabó, who won a silver medal in 100 metre backstroke at the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992, was the advisor of the youth and sport committee of the Parliament and later the associate of the sports department of the Mayor’s Office.

The sport jurist, medical jurist and swimming trainer worked as the secretary of the Hungarian Swimming Federation and became the member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee in 2012. She played a big role in Hungary becoming one of the main organisers of swimming events all around the world.

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Photo: kataca.hu

Source: kisalfold.hu

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