It is difficult to list all the things that was renovated in 2014 in Budapest.

The Castle Garden Bazaar

The first phase of the development of the Castle Garden Bazaar was inaugurated on April 2, the 200th anniversary Miklós Ybl’s birthday. As planned, the new parts of the building, the elevators, the escalators, the underground parking, the reconstruction og the royal gardens, and the conference room were completed.


Dazzlingly beautiful stations were built in the 7,5-km-long Metro4. There are 8 stations between Kelenföld and Keleti Railway Station.

Kossuth Square

The renovation of the square in front of the Parliament was finished by March 15. The parking lots were put underground, there are much more green space, the square became more friendly. It specifically invites for a walk, Kossuth Square became a place for sitting on a bench.

Tram Line 1

In 2015, tram 1 reaches Újbuda through Rákóczi Bridge. The new line is not only fast, but also quiet thanks to the grass cover. New stations will be built at Infópark, Budafoki Street, Prielle Kornélia Street, at the corner of Szerémi and Hengermalom Street, and at Fehérvári Street/Etele Street.


The square is older than 70 years, but more beautiful than ever. It is located at Móricz Zsigmond körtér, and at the construction of Metro4, there was a tender for the renovation of Gomba. It was inaugurated in May.

Erzsébet Square

The walkway from Deák Square towards St. Stephen’s Basilica was widened. The park was completely renewed, fountains were built, and a BUBI station was also put there.

Groupama Arena

This ultramodern arena, with the capacity of 20.000 people was opened at the end of May. It was built ahead of the schedules, in 14 months.

Madách Square

Locals and tourists could take possession of Madách Square in the summer. The parking lot disappeared, the multifunctional public square is covered with decorative cladding. There are benches and green areas.

Square of the Franciscans

Huge changes were made at the Square of the Franciscans. New benches, trash containers and stations were built. The road and the pavement are at the same level, the old underpass was ceased, bikers got separate lanes, and a futuristic underpass was built. The square was completed in January.

Margaret Island

The musical fountain of Margaret Island was completely rebuilt as part of a 400-million investment. During the renovation, the spectacle was expanded with further light and water elements. The changes also affect the environment, as the ground is landscaped and covered. You watch here our photo galery: 34 Cosy Photos of Autumn in Margaret Island

Kerepesi Street

The bridge over the tracks of Keleti Railway Station was opened on December 10. There are 2×3 lanes for drivers, a two-way bike path and pedestrian sidewalk. The bridge is scheduled to be ready in 2015 autumn.

Rákóczi Bridge

In November, the test run of the completely new lighting of Rákóczi Bridge was started. The temporary lighting will be removed, and by the end of the year, the complete lighting of the bridge will be renewed. The new LED lighting technology means a saving of 2,2 million HUF per year.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai

Photo: MTI


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