After the Foreign Ministry, CBA (a Hungarian chain store) also supports Fruzsina Wilhelm in order to the injured girl remain with her aunt in Sweden. The host relative, Agnes Ruff talked in tears about the tilting at windmills for Fruzsina for years. Donations may solve it, wrote.

Monday’s discussion about the helping of Fruzsina Wilhelm began with the listing of CBA’s benefits. Director of Communications Attila Fodor reminded the previous aids in the fifth anniversary of the sludge disaster. The discussion seemed an advertisement despite the chain store still supports the victims and the mentally handicapped girl.

CBA collected a significant aid with the Save Life Foundation. Their donation is enough for the 21-year-old girl to stay with her aunt in Sweden. However, the chain stores ask the assistance of the general public as well:  people can donate in 140 stores across the country.

The young girl’s mother committed suicide in 2007 and his father could not take care of her, but she could not stay at her relatives in Hajdunanas either.

Finally, she went to her aunt Malmo in 2011. Agnes Ruff decided: they undertake the additional care of the girl and wanted to adopt the her. The struggle with the Swedish immigration office began this time.

According to, the aunt said first they had tries family reunification and they had submitted the application 3 years ago but the office had not made a decision so far but they used to close these cases in six months. She also wrote to the Swedish king and Justice Minister, without success.

Fruzsina went to a Malmo special school for 3 years, but the authorities wanted to expel her because lifelong care would cost too much. The only option was for Fruzsina to find a job so she can sustain herself.

Agnes Ruff – based on the support – employs her niece as an employee in their company in Malmo and they can request the right of establishment with the certified employment relationship.

According to Agnes, if they could employ Fruzsina for two year, she would spend 5 years in Sweden, counting her studies. Then she would surely get the residence permit as well – the aunt said. They will book the donations as income, yet it is not clear how.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry also helped them, Peter Szijjarto discussed with his Swedish counterpart, and the ministry sent several orders the family business to help the employment of Fruzsina.

However, the orders were irregularly, and Agnes Ruff did not want to base on it, because if there are no orders, they have to start the application over. asked Fruzsina why she does not want to stay in Hungary. The girl said: “I have no family here, I have nobody here.”

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  1. This tragedy for this little girl is heartfelt by people with hearts. Where is the ‘Humanity’ the bleeding heart liberals and socialists are preaching in helping deal with this girl, even if it means sponsoring her? Why are the ‘Swedes’ so quick to let in Al-Kaida and ISIL agents (so called Migrants) and offer such good family and health benefits? This little girl is going to cost them? I have to say, i’m LMFAO as i write this, because this little girl’s expenses in the future is the least those idiot politicians are going to have to worry about in cost. They’ll find this little girls would have only cost them 1 EURO in comparison to the crap they will have to pay out for in all other kinds of expenses in the very near future.

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