According to, the decision on the cakes that may compete for the ‘Cake of Hungary’ title this year was already made in March. It’s the 10th call for applications by the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation that aims to honor our state founder king, Saint Stephen, on the 20th of August. Now the jury has chosen the three finalist cakes.

Take a deep swallow as these cakes are the heaven of amazing flavour combinations!

Golden Pear Cake – Norbert Tóth, Tóth Confectionery, Dunaföldvár

Marzipan pastry on a muscovado sugared sweet crumble layer, topped with a white chocolate-yuzu pear cream, with steamed pears inside. An elderberry mascarpone mousse is poured on top of it, which is sealed in with pear jelly after it has chilled.

Small piles of dried pear, peeled waffle and cacao-butter chocolate are portioned and sprayed with golden paint after they have chilled. The cake is decorated with these stacks by slices.

országtorta aranyos körte

The Green Gold of the Őrség – Gellért Szó, G&D Craftsmen Confectionery, Salgótarján

A white chocolate loose ganache is put on a pumpkin-seed batter. A praline is made out of roasted, ground pumpkin-seed, sugar and cool extruded pumpkin-seed oil of the Őrség, to which white chocolate, peeled waffle and pumpkin-seed oil are added in order to form a crispy layer.

This crispy layer is placed on top of the loose ganache, which is followed by another white chocolate ganache layer. Then come a raspberry jelly layer and another ganache layer.

The layers are glazed with a white chocolate, pumpkin-seed oil frosting and decorated with circles made of ganache and tempered, painted cacao-butter white chocolate. , Gregory Iron Photography © (Gergely Vas)

Zuzorka – Gellért Szó, G&D Craftsmen Confectionery, Salgótarján

Orange liqueur almond cream is spread on an almond flour pastry with the help of a piping bag. This is followed by a strawberry jam layer. The layers are then baked and cooled, so that another strawberry jam layer and a mascarpone mousse can be spread on top of them.

This is followed by a strawberry-rhubarb jelly and another layer of evenly spread mascarpone mousse. After the cake has chilled it is topped with a white chocolate glazing, cream balls and tempered white chocolate decorations. , Gregory Iron Photography © (Gergely Vas)


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