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Photo:óPhotography have written an article giving 10 reasons why tourists should visit Hungary.

In actual fact, their article is tilted “Budapest and 9 other reasons to visit Hungary”, suggesting that the Hungarian capital is must-see destination when travelling to the country. They praise the city’s architecture and museums and compare it to the likes of Paris and Rome.  The article also highlights that Hungary has a fascinating history. More interestingly, the piece notes the ways in which the Hungarian language and Hungarian culture have shaped each other.

Describing it as a wine-lover’s paradise, the article raises awareness of Hungary’s rich wine-making history, and offers it as an alternative to visiting destinations such as Tuscany and the Napa Valley. On the topic of drinking, visitors should also visit Budapest’s ruin pubs, which are located in old and derelict buildings across the capital.

The Travel note that Hungarians are generally very friendly, and the country as a whole is safer than other tourism hotspots such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy. This is based off of Global Finance’s 2019 “World’s Safest Countries” ranking.

The article praises the country’s thermal baths, which provide medicinal benefits for illnesses such as arthritis.

Hungary is also a very affordable place to visit if on a budget, and there are various festivals taking place across the country throughout the whole year.

Last week we wrote a travel itinerary for Debrecen. We also reported that a record number of tourists visited Budapest this year.


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