upsides of living in hungary

Moving to a new country is never easy, so theoretical and practical preparation is usually advised beforehand. If you are thinking or you have thought about moving to Hungary sometime in the future, this video is for you 😉 

The BestCities YouTube channel looked at the 8 greatest upsides of living in Hungary.

  1. Low cost of living (e.g. -53% compared to Miami)
  2. Central location in Europe (easy to discover neighbouring countries)
  3. Conservative politics (can be interpreted both as an upside and a downside)
  4. Culture (many UNESCO World Heritage sites)
  5. Healthcare 
  6. Nature & climate
  7. Startup-friendly
  8. Quality of life

For more details, check out the video.

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  1. Healthcare? It’s fine is one uses Private facilities. In any case trying to get a Taj Kartya is a rigamarole that takes months and months (6-12 is not uncommon).

  2. My experience is completely different.
    I think the health system is not just acceptable but very good compared to some of the wealthier countries.
    We found getting the Taj Kartya took about 3 months from our arrival as we had to organise some other papers as well before hand.
    The specialists are very thorough although not exceedingly charming.
    All in all after a year and a half (even with the pandemic going on) we wouldn’t be anywhere else.
    We love the history the architectural beauty, the art, the geographical position of Budapest and the Danube-bend.
    We fell in love with it a long time ago and planned to live here ever since.

  3. The information included the price of buying a 1 bedroom condo but not the price of renting an apartment. It is too bad that the gov’t old age pension for people over 65 here in Nova Scotia is $1,659.00 Canadian. Not even half of the $3,000.00 in US exchange as mentioned for Miami. ( I guess that is why people who are earning in other places have been buying up our houses from all over Canada & US, even Mexico without even seeing them 1st. And offering between 20-35 thousand ABOVE asking price! The money they would bring here would go far. AND my province has only 10 active Covid cases so we go about our business after a long time of “Stay the Blazes Home”, which our premier told us last year…and we did). So now we are Nova Scotia Strong. Thank God.
    OBSERVER: not sure they teach ‘bedside’ manner at those wonderful universities that educate doctors, nurses & dentists. When we were last ‘home’ my daughters needed dental work done & I was shocked at the mean, rude dentist. Here, he would be in the newspapers & then the dental association would take away his license.

  4. God Bless the Magyars! There is much that other countries can learn from PM Viktor Orban and the Fidesz Party. Protecting and Preserving Christian Heritage, the family, National Sovereignty, borders and the Nation! Stay Strong Hungary!

  5. Yes, Stephen S.
    God bless the Magyars and give them strength and the necessary resolve to overcome the enormous hurdles this beautiful country has to face from all directions.
    Please let us stay united, care for each other and do not allow our enemies to “DIVIDE AND RULE”.
    We have the love of country going through our veins from our mother’s milk and the food we eat that
    has been grown on Hungarian soil. You can take a Hungarian out of Hungary but you can’t take the
    the Hungarian out of him/her.
    It is in our psyche irreversibly.

  6. Every country has got its ups and its downs, its pluses and minuses. What wanna be expats should never forget is that in Hungary, like everywhere, you get what you paid for. Do not expect to be enjoying Opera if you the ticket you bought is for puppet theater…

  7. Startup friendly? Look what they did to KATA. Way too much red tape and uncertainty to start up a small business in Hungary. Laws and regulations are changed with very little or no thought as to the consequences. One needs a good business plan and a certain amount of stability. And that’s not taking COVID-19 into account. Not the best environment.

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