After several book losing days, this year the organisers are extending the event to last a whole weekend. The game is taking place between the 18th and 20th of March. The chosen books have to be registered on the internet, then cleverly left somewhere with an accompanying note for someone else to find. The goal is the promotion of reading, reports.

The game starts with finding a book we’re willing to part with. Then it has to be registered online with its title, author and the place where it can be found. Then all that’s left is to lose it.

“This might not be as easy as it seems. Usually passers-by notice the lost books and return it to its owners before those could get away. Hungarians are very honest and quite often it takes several attempts to actually lose a book,” said Csaba Buzai, director of the library of Orosháza in the Kossuth Radio program Közelről.

“It’s a good idea to lose the books in places that are frequented by many people. A bench in a busy pedestrian street or a shopping centre are ideal locations since there is a bigger chance that the books are found and reported online,” he added.

“The aim of the campaign is to popularize reading. The more books are lost, the more are found and more people hear about the game. This way even people who don’t read every day or aren’t looking for this kind of entertainment might become interested in books. And thanks to these coincidences, people might happen upon a book they really like and thus discover the joy of reading,” explained Csaba Buzai.

In the previous years, around 500 books were lost by participants in each event, and every fifth book was reported on the internet.

translated by Eszter Vass

Copy editor: bm


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