World and Europe champion, keeps two national records, and made powerboating races for decades at Szeged. Délmagyar, the biggest daily newspaper in the Szeged reagion has made a riport with him on the occasion. He was a legendary sportsman, coach, sports organizer.

János Kertes has made his record in powerboating in 1965, within the S250 and O1000 category with 94,6 and 132,2 km/h. This is the actual record in Hungary, no one has beat his speed since then.

“It feels like going 80km/h in a very old, metalled road” – said Mr. Kertes who tried to compare the feeling of the jumping boat on the water.

János Kertes met with the sport in 1959. At start, his section were at Spartacus, later it was at the Szeged – Tápéi ESK, and at the Motorcsónak Automobil SE. (Motorboat Automobil Sports Club)

“We lived fantastic moments on the river Tisza, there were a competition when 20.000 people payed to see us at the bank of the river. They loved the races, especially when the boats crashed or flew away.”

János Kertes were champion 14 times in Hungary and 12 times in Serbia. He participated in the races from 175 to 1000cc.

“5 years back I have started to make birthday dinners, now it was held in the Halácsy Major. Only the closest friends were invited, we were about 119 people.”

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