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The wines of Tokaj are without a doubt liquid treasures, with a flavour that cannot be compared to anything else. However, they can be quite expensive and rare, too.

The Australian Daily Telegraph has published a video report about what is regarded as the world’s most expensive wine, a vintage aszú that costs 40 thousand dollars per bottle.

From the video interview conducted with the Hungarian winemaker himself, we learn that not only is this bottle of white vintage highly pricy, but it is also rare: there are only 18 bottles of it available for sale.

For 40 thousand dollars, you will get one of the best wines in the world in a beautiful handmade 1.5-litre bottle that was customised specifically for this wine.

The winemaker behind it claims that the noble wines of Tokaj deserve a specialised bottle of Tokaji Essencia 2008 and a different price range, hence the expensive nature.

What is special about this bottle of dessert wine? To begin with, it is often said that the Tokaj wines were and still are drunk by kings and connoisseurs. These wines are of royal status thanks to the devotion and professionalism of Hungarian winemakers.

On the other hand, nature has a big part to play in the making of these wines, as the volcanic soil makes for the best bed these vines could ever ask for. Winemakers make good use of the gifts of nature not only by having picked the best kind of soil but also by using the ‘noble rot’, an infused fungus that shrivels grapes and concentrates their sugar. The grapes are then handpicked.

The Tokaj wine region has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for 15 years now, and a subject to great interest for decades. If you wish to, you can learn more about the secrets of the Tokaj wine-making by checking out this article.


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