writes that almost all Hungarian champagnes, made with traditional method (méthode traditionelle), were challenged at Winelovers blind test, which is connected to the Champagne June event. A professional jury chose the best champagnes out of 22 contestants. Sopron and Etyek rocked!

Hungary has notable traditions when it comes to champagne making. Recently, traditional champagnes have been recurring in the selection of wineries and several oenologists have been making sparkling wines. Champagne is usually connected to December and New Year’s Eve; however, more and more people think that the sparkling beverages are just as pleasant on summer days than on special events.


The aim of Champagne June is to attract attention to champagnes and sparkling wines. The event of Winelovers tries to brace the summer season, popularise the consumption of the beverage, introduce the Hungarian selection and give a foretaste of the international repertoire. The event mustering up wineries, restaurants, merchandizes and professional shops will be held in Corinthia Hotel Budapest on the 11th of June. There’s also going to be three master courses, where visitors can get to know the best champagne cellars with the help of a specialist.


For those who want to welcome summer with sparkles already before the event, Winelovers found the best homeland méthode traditionelle items on its champagne test. They chose the best white and rosé traditional champagnes out of 22 Hungarian contestants.

The best white champagnes currently are:

  • Taschner Winery and Champagne House – Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay brut 2010
  • Kreinbacher Land – Brut Classic
  • Francois Champagne Winery – President Brut 2013
  • Garamvári Vine-Land – Blanc Fleur 2008
  • Légli Méthode Traditionelle – Brut 2013

The best rosé champagnes currently are:

  • Francois Champagne Winery – President Rosé Brut 2011
  • Taschner Wine and Champagne House – Pinot Noir Rosé 2012
  • Garamvári Vine-Land – Evolution Rosé 2008
  • Francois Champagne Winery – Pinot Noir Rosé Brut Nature 2012
  • Sauska Tokaj Champagne – Extra Brut Rosé



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