Find out what do foreigners most frequently think and say about Hungarians…

We tend to have certain stereotypes that automatically pop into our minds when we think of different nationalities. After we have introduced some general characteristics of Hungarian women and provided you with some useful tips before dating them, this time, with the help of Bien and Magyarországom, we will introduce the stereotypes Hungarians hear the most frequently from foreigners.

Lángos & Gulyás

If I ask my foreign friends about Hungary, and whether they have been there before, they will most likely start talking about their food experiences. And most of the time these experiences are about the phenomenal Hungarian lángos and goulash soup they ate there. They are also likely to pinpoint the fact that we put paprika in everything. Those who are trying to be more cautious about their diets will say we eat a lot of fatty, greasy food, and that everything is deep-fried.

If Hungarians do not like something, you will know

Hungarians do not hide it if they are not happy about something; neither do they force a smile on their faces just to have a more pleasing appearance. As we say it, ‘ami a szívemen, az a számon’, which literally would translate as ‘what is in my heart is also on my lips’, but the phrase would essentially equal to the English idiom ‘to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve.’ This kind of attitude might result in some negative experiences for others, but some can also find it refreshingly honest. The decision is yours.

Hungarians like to complain

It is so very easy for Hungarians to fall into the trap of the ‘How are you’ question. Since in Hungary, you only really ask about one’s how bouts when you are genuinely interested in them, when asking a Hungarian, expect that you may hear a longer answer than ‘Fine, thanks.’ This could be a good opportunity for us to share, for example, the burden of having a bad day with someone who we think is curious to know.

Hungarians like to drink

Hungary’s national drink, the pálinka is a strong spirit made with distilled fruits, and it has a 50-60 % alcohol content. We are very proud of this Hungarikum, and we like it so much – especially if we have some homemade pálinka –, that we will want to share the experience with you, too.

Hungarians ride horses everywhere

Some people have a deeply rooted thought that Hungary is a horsemen nation so that everyone rides horses casually, even to the grocery store. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we do not. Not everyone can ride a horse, and we definitely do not go everywhere by horses.

Source: Bien, Magyarországom

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  1. You missed out the fact that they like to borrow money from friends and rarely pay it back.

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