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Manager Magazin Top 101 lists the most influential businessmen in Hungary. This year, Sándor Csányi, Lőrinc Mészáros, and György Matolcsy made it to the top 3, as VG.hu reports.

Sándor Csányi

Sándor Csányi got the first place this year on the list as being considered the most influential businessman in Hungary. He is the CEO of OTP Bank, which is Hungary’s possession for 15 years. Notably, it was not bought by any international bank groups unlike many of its fellow competitors. Furthermore, OTP Bank is one of those rare banks that became multinational companies in East Middle Europe, as VG.hu reports. Besides being one of the wealthiest people in Hungary, he is active in the civil sphere. Additionally, he also has many businesses, which are successful and acknowledged. According to him:

“It is hard to tell, even afterwards, why my career is shaping well because there is no key to success. Various decisions, actions, and behaviours lead to the goal in different situations. The one characteristic I have since my childhood is determination.”

Sándor Csányi football FIFA
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Lőrinc Mészáros

Lőrinc Mészáros is present in numerous fields of business such as agriculture, industry, and energetics. Besides business, he is also represented in media, tourism, finance-, capital-, and real estate market. He employs over 20,000 workers nowadays. He established his first company in 1991 in his hometown, Felcsút. They have been building gas systems in the region. He has been broadening his interests in many fields simultaneously. Therefore, he has accomplished several serious orders. His four bigger companies are working on the stock market while he is organising his smaller businesses into one holding company. The following companies connected to his name gained high prestige: Opus Global Nyrt., Konzum Nyrt., Appennin Holding Nyrt., and CIG Pannónia.

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György Matolcsy

György Matolcsy is the governor of the National Bank of Hungary since 2013. He got his economics degree in 1977 and accomplished the doctorate school in 1981. Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary, has appointed him as Minister of National Economy. He is one of the key figures when it comes to business and finance matters. His words are taken seriously. This is also proven by the fact that the central bank created the package, which can be the leading guideline of the government’s economic policy, based on the prime minister’s words, as VG.hu reports.

György Matolcsy
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Finally, here is the list of the most influential Hungarian besides people:

  1. Sándor Csányi
  2. Lőrinc Mészáros
  3. György Matolcsy
  4. Mihály Patai
  5. Zsolt Hernádi
  6. László Szíjj
  7. István Garancsi
  8. Andy Vajna
  9. Mária Schmidt
  10. László Parragh

Source: vg.hu

  1. You make it sound like Meszaros built his company with hard work since ’91. You do not mention his relations to Orban, the accusations that he is nothing but a ‘stroman’, the many EU initiated cases against how he got his money. Even few years ago he was an average gas-fitter, with minimal income and business. Then he suddenly, (after Simicska turned away from Orban) started getting government tenders in all kinds of businesses like hotel, energy, agriculture, real estate, you name it. He could not even list the companies under his name, has no clue what he ‘has’. He tripled his worth in ’16 then again in ’17. Genius. It takes him 18 seconds (even sleeping) to make the money he made in a month 10 years ago.

  2. Nice list of the most prominent thieves and robbers, who are the worst criminals in Hungary, where corruption, robbery, with hijacked judiciary and tax revenue service is the modus operendy of the criminals, masquarading as the Government and defended by the so called Attorney General.

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