This year, Lake Balaton is more popular than ever as the Hungarian government asked people to have a vacation in the country rather than travelling abroad. Out of all the reservations at the most popular tourist destinations of Hungary, 34% are for Lake Balaton’s popular places.

Tihany Peninsula
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Forbes reported that the hotels of Lake Balaton use approximately 70-90% of their capacity this summer season. The number of active reservations has increased by 6% while the average number of reservations by 12%. For the bank holiday of August 20, there is no available room. According to statistics, Hungarians usually reserve for three days, mostly families and friends together.

The most popular destinations are Siófok, Hévíz, and Balatonfüred.

Balatonlelle, Keszthely, Zamárdi, Balatonboglár, Balatonföldvár, Fonyód, and Tihany are also on the list. This year in June and July, the number of nights spent at apartments and hotels has increased rapidly compared to last year, but on the other hand, the number of reservations at hotels decreased.

Balatonszéplak, Siófok, and Tihany are the most expensive places where accommodations cost between 22-28 EUR/person/night. The cheapest places can be found in Balatonkereszttúr for 17 EUR/person/night. 

Besides Lake Balaton, Lakes Tisza and Velence are also popular destinations this year among Hungarians.

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Massive algae concentration in Lake Balaton makes swimming dangerous

Algae is necessary for every natural lake, but recently, Lake Balaton has been suffering from it rather than enjoying the advantages. The situation of the lake is devastating, as some experts reported, and the increased amount of algae can easily cause skin and other health problems for everyone who swims in Lake Balaton, which, during the summer season, is, without exaggerating, quite a popular activity.


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