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Hungary is a little gem in the heart of Central Europe. More and more people have been discovering the country as an excellent tourist destination over the past few years. However, we know not everybody can just up and leave, no matter how tempting it is. Well, we have excellent news for those who are stuck at home or at work: now, you can see the most beautiful sights of Hungary in 360-degree photos 😉

Daily News Hungary has lots of articles about the beauty of Budapest. If you click HERE, you can see for yourself a 360-degree view of the Liberty Statue, the Liberty Bridge and the Danube, for example.

The region of Lake Balaton is also popular, especially in the summer. While it is true that the view to the waters is beautiful, have you seen these spectacular lavender fields?

balaton region, lavender
Lavender fields

The landscape of the Badacsony wine region is also spectacular but one that is perhaps less captured on camera. Now, you can peek into this wonderful part of Hungary, too:

badacsony, wine
Badacsony wine region

Another region that gets less attention despite being spectacular is the Kis-Balaton area. It is south-west from Lake Balaton, and a significant part of it is a reservoir because of the many natural and cultural wonders that can be found here.


When visiting Hungary, the capital city often gets all the attention, and other cities a bit farther away get neglected. Sopron is one such city, except when it is time for the VOLT Festival. Since it is close to the Austrian border, those visiting the country for only a couple of days rarely get to see it. Here is the perfect chance to get excited with the 360-degree photos that can be found HERE.

sopron, tower
Sopron Firewatch Tower
sopron, sights
Sopron view

The historic town of Eger and the surrounding areas are also definitely worth a visit. Not far from the city is Egerszalók where you can have the unique experience of visiting salt hills and caves. These spectacular photos will definitely convince you to visit this part of the country, too.

salt hill, egerszalók
Salt hill, Egerszalók
salt hill
Salt hill, Egerszalók

I know these photos made me want to leave the warmth of my home this winter to visit the wonderful, hidden parts of Hungary, I hope they did the same for you. For more, 360-degree pictures, click HERE or HERE. If you want to get to know more about Hungary, for example, about Hortobágy, the ‘essence of Hungary’, click HERE.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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